Day 76 of 100 days: Beating a case of the “Uglies”


Morning all! What a great day I had yesterday…These days feel like they are filling my life a whole lot more lately, and I ain’t complaining!…

– Yesterday morning I started it off with an awesome breakfast and girl time with Ursula and Claudia. I then recieved orders for my bracelets, enjoyed an awesome run outside, and then a home cooked vegan dinner from Aron:)…No wonder why I’m so happy!

-However along with this great happiness, we still have some inner uglies that we have to beat- up sometime. Mine is usually being to hard on myself when Something I do doesn’t go according to plan and then I may or may not put that anger or disappointment on someone else. (Thankfully Has not happened in a while, but I know its there so I have to control it!)

Day 76:

Fight these inner Uglies!

1. These negative thoughts are ok as long as we keep them to ourselves as much as we can.
So today take some time to yourself and relax. Spend at least 20 min by yourself today and just reflect, breathe, and always smile:).

2. Write in those journals! Or if you dont have one just take out a piece of paper. Writing this blog everyday helps me channel my thoughts, as well as the gratitude journal I keep. Both put me in a good mood, and allow me to release all these thoughts going on in my head.

3. Remember you have the power and ability to change your attitudes and emotions, so yes, even that inner ugly has the ability to start over!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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