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Day 42: Take advantage of water!


100 days to positive thinking, and we have come to-day 42. Todays Activity is about taking advantage of water, and using it as a tool to relax!.

Water is so healthy for us. Its refreshing on a hot day, its relaxing, its fun, and helps you look and feel good-by being hydrated!


1. Make sure to drink lots of water. This is definitely dont do enough of. If we were suppose to drink 6-8 cups of coffee a day than this would come very easy to me. I have already had 2 glasses of water today so I am going to do my best to drink more! Even more so it is important for me to be completely hydrated for tomorrow mornings 5k race!

2. Use water as a form or relaxation. A hot bubble bath, a jacuzzi by the pool, or maybe a pool float in the ocean or pool:)

3. Use the water for fun too! Maybe spring for a slip n slide, rent a paddle board, or just jump in the water instead of testing it out with one foot to see how warm or cold it is:)

Have an awesome friday!

xoxo Stephi Paige

Day 41- Practice Gratitude


Morning all! Hope everyone had a nice day yesterday, and everyone who celebrates the jewish new year, L’Shana Tova!

– I had a great dinner last night with friends and family, and what a great way to practice todays activity of gratitude by going to Rosh Hashana services with my family today.

So today try it out:

1. Have gratitude for everything that comes your way today. There is so much to be thankful for, starting with giving thanks for being able to wake up, and have a whole day ahead of you!

Gratitude is an attitude. If you start to give thanks for what you have, instead of what you dont, you will be happier:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

Start being Nice, and you will notice a big change in your world!


Day 40 for 100 days!

l Woke up today with amazing energy! It was still dark out, but managed to run/ walk 3miles, and did some sit-ups in my room before hopping in the shower for work. (If that’s not a good way to start of a morning I don’t know what is!)

tonight’s Rosh Hashana, so shana tova to all who celebrate! Im excited for this to be my “Friday” of the work week, and spend the next two days with family, with good food and lots of laughs!

DAy 40 involves being nice! Sometimes we dont even realize we can be so rude to someone we dont even know! For example honking at someone if they are a little late on seeing the green light. (I know this happens to everyone! Practice patients, and dont be so quick to honk your Horn) This goes with just about everything. If you are kind to others, the world will be kind back!

So todays Activities include:

1. Share your Motivation with someone! Help someone reach your goal!

by participating in this blog with Ursula she’s helped me remain positive and cheerful, and I’ve also had the opportunity to inspire others as well:)

2. Be Nice to a Stranger, or others. Simply hold the door for someone, smile, or go out of your way to make others happy besides yourself.

My office has kinda been in a slump  lately, and I can definitely feel the negative energy. Today I think I’ll surprise um with some goodies from Dunkin donuts…Maybe theyll be a little bit happier today:).

3. Make a New healthy recipe or something else homemade. Share this!

Have a great day! xoxo

Stephi Paige

So t

Day 39- play it up!


Wow all this way, day 39 and I really feel a difference. My life in the past has been a whirlwind, in which I have taken away so many things from and come out of it with strength and knowledge of how to move forward.

Day 39 includes being playful, getting out and moving. I relate to this in a different way. I’ve always been active and moving but not always for myself. Its taken me some time to realize, but in the past I have always been one to sacrifice myself and play or free time to be on the same page with either a significant other, friends, etc. Well not anymore! We all write our own book in life, so why be on the same “page” as someone else? “Play-up” your own story or book in life. Get up and do what you want to do. I recently started living for myself and let me tell you I wake up each day loving every minute of it:)


1. Pick out an activity today and everyday that you enjoy doing.

2. Step outside of the box, no ones perfect all the time, learn to sit back and enjoy your mistakes instead of dread them.

3. continue to write in a journal, whether its to see what your filling your body with, calories burning, or just to look back on all the amazing things you’ve done.

Enjoy section four, and your Tuesday!

xoxo Stephi Paige

Day 38- A Thankyou to all the Positive Influences in my Life:)


Hello Monday Morning! Didnt want to get out of bed this morning, but after hitting the snooze button 3 times, I managed to fit in a 5k this am before work! Talk about an awesome way to start my week off right.

Todays activity is all about those around you who help you remain positive, and have influenced you in a positive way.

– My list of 12 are:

1. Megan- Fun, Trust, and excitement

2. Mom- Confidence, Love, and sensitivity

3. Dad- calmness, and energy.

4. Brother- enthusiasm, helpfulness

5. Yoga instructor Patience, enlightenment

6. Ursula- Inspiration, Guidance, and positivity

7. Michelle- Fearlessness, time, and youth

8. Melissa- Balance, sincerity.

9. Summer- Gratitude, and humbleness

10. Amy- Strength, Witness

11. Vera- knowledge, genuineness.

12. Compassion, work ethic, and energy.

Thank you guys for being apart or my life, without you all, I wouldnt be me:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

Days 36 and 37 Positive thinking continues


Yesterday I spent my day lounging around, a little hung over, but did some laundry, a little yoga, and treated myself to some frozen yogurt and a girls night in with Vera:).

Now I’m all rejuvenated to watch my giants beat the eagles at 1!

DAys 36-37 activities are Charity starting with your own home!

1. Inspire your family members to better their lives. Promote healthy eating, maybe a healthy activity too! (If those in your own home are healthy, you can all help each other to stay that way)

2. Save for a rainy day (the hardest task for me, Since Im always living in the moment when it comes to that)

3. Speak only kind words. (YOu know the saying you were taught when you were little, “If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all”) Youll find more people want to be around you if your positive and kind rather than the gossip queen or Debbie downer.

Have a nice closing to your weekend! Make the most out of your sunday!

xoxo Stephi Paige

Day 35- “You are Having a Moment”


Happy Friday! and happy day 35 of Positive thinking!

woke up on my day off at 7am…( I’m a morning person) excited for all my activities planned today.

-I get to have breakfast with my favorite woman in the world (my mommy, she created me so she’s pretty darn great hehe;)..)

-Then later tonight dinner with Aron, my brother and Carolina, at a new sushi place I havent tried, double excited!

In light of that there’s some activities to attend to and think about:

Day 35: Use a scale from 1-10 to rate lifes lil tumbles or big tumbles to keep what deserves more of your attention in perspective.

The other day when I was having Dinner with Ursula she said something that stood out to me. She said there’s some things that happen in life that are major, and at other times we are just “having our moments”…So today and everyday I will keep that in practice. Nothing is permanent, especially an emotion. You feel for as long as you allow yourself to (What power!).. or simply putting it “Mind over matter”

SO the scale includes 10- Maybe a devastating event as a death in the family, or hurricane Katrina type of deal.

————————– 1- YOu are just “having a moment”- you stubbed your toe, your stuck in traffic. (Get over it!)

For instance, the other day I was having a jersey shore moment, and went for a spray tan. However, mid-way

through the machine shut off on me. (Have you ever seen that episode of friends with Ross?) well instead of making it the biggest deal in the world for me and those around me because I looked like a circus clown, I laughed it off. Instead of trying to make myself believe this is a 10, I made it a 0.5. I brushed it off( well scrubbed and washed it off haha) , and just said this sucks, but oh well!….Soooo YOu try it!

1. If you come across a challenge today, rate it. YOull soon realize some of the things you stress about our give so much attention, and pity parties to, are new big deal. What better way to do that by you, yourself even saying it’s not a big deal!

2. Share this with a friend or family member.

Have a great Friday!

xoxo Stephi Paige


Day 34, a “TO-DOnt List”


Morning all! Its bagel Thursdays, and My end of the work week hooray!

-I had such a great day yesterday filled with anything less than boring, although I did complete my bordem jar for a rainy day;).

I went for a nice run yesterday, and tried out the SPot rest. On atlantic Ave with Ursula, which I absolutely Loved! Reminded me of a NYC coffee shop at night.

We have all heard of a To do list, many of us barley complete it in a days worth of time, but have you ever made a To-Dont list? I sure havent! Rarely to we realize all the things we fill our day with that could be freed up for more time to do the things wed much rather have time for…So today my TO-Dont list Includes:


1. Prepare my Lunch for tomorrow (No – need its my day off, treat myself to taking the day as it comes)

2. Check Old twitter feeds (if im that bored, utilize my bordem jar)

3. Buy new magazines ( I have a book left to read and a hand me down mag to finish)

4. Wake up early to run (Why rush, I can run later)

5. Set aside time to watch whats on my DVR (A task for the Boredom Jar; The shows not going to disappear)

6. DO my laundry ( Enough clothes to do my laundry once a week)

7. Organize my desk ( It  looks fine)

8. Stare at my work clock (Only slows down time, and is a distraction!)

9. Eat that Bagel (Just because its bagel Thursdays, doesnt meed I need to stuff my face!)

10. Drink to fast ( Going to dinner with girlfriends tonight I can enjoy “A” cocktail)


Have a great day all!

xoxo Stephi Paige

Day 33: You may be busy, but would you rather be bored?


Hello mid-week! hooray! we’ve made it:). I still cant believe Ive been able to keep up with all this positive blogging! Thanks for following along everyone. Once again thanks to everyone who visited my donation page, and helped me reach my goal! I am extremely thankful for all your support as well as excited to participate in the 5k run next Saturday.

Todays activities come in handy because as my life seems to be filled with more and more these days, I find myself always saying “I’m so busy” or “I have too much to do”…Honestly though, would I rather be sitting around doing absolutely nothing? I think everyone should live by the saying “Ill sleep when im dead”…We only have one life to live so, live it! Get off that butt of yours, and don’t just sit around wasting time:)


1.) List 3 areas of your life that are never dull, and list why this adds to life in a positive way:

-1. School- It fills my week with tons of tasks, and used up time but with this comes knowledge, new friends, and more time to sing in the car with my drive to Davie;).

-2. Friends- Between planned dinners, and outings, I am able to share great convos, be lifted up when I’m down, and Laugh! All my friends also either teach me something new about life, or even about myself…I love you all!

-3. Being Active- I am always exercising, and although sometimes is hard to squeeze in my day, the stress it relieves, and the natural endorphins I recieve from it make me feel good, and not to mention look good too!

2) I loveeeee this next activity Ursula came up with!!

create a Bored jar. (so excited to make mine)… Cut up little sheets of paper with activities listed on it of things you like to do, or would like to try. Put these in your jar for later, and every time you find yourself sitting around pick one of these sheets of paper out from your jar.

Enjoy what today has to offer, and get busy if you’re not!

xoxo Stephi Paige

Day 32 (Own your words)


Morning all, feels good to be Tuesday, it’s always hard getting over those cases of Mondays. However, The Giants won last night! Last night I definitely channeled my family time by watching the game on the couch with my dad instead of at a bar somewhere. Woke up this morning refreshed and ready to tackle Tuesday haha:)

Today is all about owning your words. No one likes a liar, especially when you lie to yourself! Whats the point in that? SO today own up to what you say. If someone simply asks “how are you?” Must we always reply back “fine?”

Today be honest with yourself, and others.

1. Write a confession down. This is for yourself, and is something that you may have been telling yourself that is not  true.  If we can’t be honest with ourselves how can we spread truth to others?

2. Talk with friends and Family about honesty. Make them aware of how important it is to you, so they too feel the importance.

3. Just be real! If you post something on Facebook, speak the words out loud, or write it down, OWN IT!…Otherwise just leave those words out.:)

– If your Honest with yourself and others you’ll feel better, and live more positively. You will also attract more honest people around you. (who wants to hang with liars) I sure don’t!

Have an awesome day!

xoxo Stephi Paige