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Day 71 and 72 of 100 days of positive thinking( sorry for late post)


Woah its been a weekend! definitely a fun one, but lots of drinking and late night outings, ready to recharge my batteries this week!

This is just in time for yesterdays activities..(day 71).. putting first things first!…Starting with my health this week:).

DAy 71:

1. Get priorities in order to create some balance

2. Ask yourself what matters most

Relax, its okay to not fit everything into one day…patienceee

Day 72 ( Today)

Looking at a glass as half full instead of empty…

You can either choose to be positive, or choose the latter.. Taking a little good out of every situation is so important, especially if your going through a rough time.

1. Be grateful for challenges youve faced in life instead of beating yourself up about it. Everything in life is a oppurtunity for growth as long as we can have the attitude to look at these situations that way.

Have a good rest of the weekend

xoxo stephi paige


Day 70: Woahh only 30 more until we reach 100!


Morning everyone! and Happy Friday!

I am feeling extremely happy this morning..more so then most, realizing that my life is coming together for the better. I have great friends to keep me motivated happy and inspired, a great boyfriend, and an awesome family.:) (no wonder why im so happy)

Today day 70 is about being kind and honest

1. Speak with only kind words today, the truth hurts sometimes, but we can always spread some kindness on what we are saying so its not hurtful but just honest. Always push yourself for the better, dont beat yourself up for any reason because no one is perfect…if there was a perfect person theyd probably be boring!

2. Write a love letter to yourself today and mail it…youll def smile when you get it:)

3. Look at your friendships..the people in your life all say something about you and your truths..

– I am so happy like i said before to have my friend megan for uplifting laughter catering to my silly kid side, ursula for inspiration motivation, awesome talks, antonella, aron, melissa, my amazing best friend my mommy, my twin brother, and many many more!

thank you all so much! love ya all and so happy you are making me the happy positive person i am today:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

Day 69: Believe the Best and youll recieve the Best!


Day 69 of 100 days I cant believe it! For everyone following along congrats! I hope this becoming more of a way of life than a challenge at this point. Since were speaking of facing challenges head on, 69 days ago I faced this one, thinking I am going to complete this for 100 days, and not only have I received so much along the way I didnt expect anything but believing I can receive my best life.

In these past 69 days:

– Ive kept up straight A’s in school

– Started up a new business venture

– received close inspiring friends

-A positive attitude

-A healthy vegan diet

-A normal healthy relationship

– A positive attitude

(these are just some, but I still know the best is yet to come!)

-Day 69:

Believe the best is yet to come!

1. It’s good to live in the present but today put some focus into what you have to look forward to in the future, just dont obsess over it remain present.

2. List these 5 next fun activities

Mine are: 1. Thanksgiving with the fam, 2. The keys for my bday, 3. Paddle boarding with ursula, 4. trying more dance classes, 5. winter break

Have a great day everyone!

xoxo Stephi Paige


Day 68: How to be a gangster…(well a spiritual one hehe)


Morning everyone, day 68 and from Ursula’s blog you have to read the inspirational story about her friend cathy…I would share it here, but go read her blog for it!:)…(I’ll give you a little clue that it deals with karma and how it has a ripple effect)

On to-day 68:

Everyone we come across in life are facing their own challenges..even if they come off as mean or nasty, happy, or extremely positive, everyone deals with their own inner bullshit:).. This is why it’s so important to  try to practice being kind to all, especially if you want to receive kindness back

1. Help a stranger out today, even if it’s just helping them picking up something off the floor.

2. Be a receiver, and you’ll also feel good. Witnessing an act of kindness can make you feel just as good as doing the act itself. So live each days with your eyes open to a more kinder world..(there are still good people out there you just have to be open to receiving them)

3. If you witness someone doing a kind deed thank them for bringing positivity into your day. SO many good things are unnoticed so bring recognition to them.

have a good day all! and be kind:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

Day 67: Changing your diet habits can change your life!


It’s funny how todays post is about how eating a healthier diet, and the right foods can change your whole mood, attitude, a much more, when lately Ive been faced with tons of people asking me for healthy food advice!

– Sometimes we all look for that quick fix pill to cure our headaches, indigestion, depression, etc, when really the real culprit is what we are feeding our bodies with on a day-to-day basis.

– I once was a victim to some of the worst eating habits possible. Sugary cereals for breakfast, maybe candy and chips for lunch, and something along the lines of french fries for dinner. (I already have a stomach ache thinking about it).. During this time not only was a in a crappy, irritable mood a lot of the time, but also was tired, unfocused, and just made some poor decisions all together.

I have just recently switched over about a month and half ago to strictly vegan eating. Now im not saying to switch your diet like I did but there is something that you should definitely think about before putting in your body. For me cutting out dairy, meat, and other animal based and processed food from diet not only gave me more energy to run, but also has helped my skin and my mood!

-So let’s try today to start living by the saying “Our bodies are our temples”..(so quit putting crap in them, we only get one body to work with)

-My favorite saying from Ursula ,” You are not a dog so don’t reward yourself with food”

Day 67:

1. Clean your cabinets of junk food… out of sight out of mind:)..

2. Commit to packing at least 2 of your lunches, or pre-make 2 of your dinners a week, that way you don’t make a ravenous unhealthy decision, the healthy one will be waiting in the fridge/freezer for you.

3. Every time you think your hungry this week start by drink a glass of water that way you can see if its thirst, or really hunger.

Lets remember to eat breakfast lunch and dinner this week:)…n a healthy one:)

If anyone needs tips on some healthy meals, or help with switching vegan let me know!

xoxo Stephi Paige

Day 66- Learn to walk away from drama


Its monday, and Im back:).. Hope everyone has had a great weekend..I sure have.

-TOday is all about practicing to walk away from drama. SOmetimes we try and be there for someone, but it’s almost as if they are craving attention and adding unnecessary drama to your own life.  If someone around you is just having one of those moments where you can see that anything you say or do will not be enough, then just walk away! give them some time and space, and you will not fall victim to taking on the negative energy for the day.

1. analyze the situation at hand, if you can’t actually help the person close to you having the meltdown, then just give them some space.

2. Dont let someone elses mood transfer into your own. If you hang around negative people you too will be negative. It’s okay to let someone have a day to themselves if they need it.

Attitudes and emotions are hard enough to control when there our own, so why try to control someones elses?

xoxo Stephi Paige

Yesterday (day 63) 64 and 65 of Positive Thinking:)


Yesterday and these next two days are all about facing challenges.

Some things we face in life are easier to overcome, others are more difficult..but its never giving up and over coming these challenges is what matters.  Lifes challenges aren’t meant to paralyze, or defeat you, there present to allow you to better yourself and figure out who you are.

yesterday was about facing your challenges head one, which I will continue to practice from here on out!

Day 64: Today

Dont let losing something stop you.

– The other day I heard an inspirational life story about a girl who lost her father at 8, and instead of feeling hopeless because she had a mother that couldnt take care of her she became the caretaker of her family, paid the bills, by taking busses to the post office, finished school, went to college, and now wants to be a motivational speaker for others. This little girl faced her challenge of loss at 8! Maybe your loss isn’t a loved one but its a bad grade on a test a lost race, dance competition etc, etc. We can always overcome these loss’ in our own way.

1. Take a minute to visualize your losses and put them in perspective. bereavement and grief are a normal process in healing when we lose a loved one and takes time to regain back a positive attitude which is a different timeline for everyone. Losing a race or a poor grade should not be grouped with a grief process or a negative attitude.

Day 65: Sunday in advance FAce up to change

– In life sometimes we settle for things in fear of change, or simple upsetting someone else. Change is inevitable, and if we dont face changes head on we succumb to settling, how boring!

-I was feeling tired and cranky a month ago so i switched my diet back to vegan eating, and now I feel great!

2. commit to changing one negative habit or idea you have.

3. List how and y you will do this

I need to mix up my exercise routine and throw in a dance class. I keep saying Im going to throw in some kind of cardio activity in my week other than running but still have yet to do it. I also love dancing! and stopped doing it…not anyymore! Im going to sign up for a class this week!

FAcing challenges are never easy, thats why we call them challenges..I hope you all face any challenges head on this weekend!

xoxo Stephi Paige


Day 62: Dont be a Quitter!


Hooray! Its finally a beautiful day in South Fl!.. After two full days of non stop rain waking up this morning I was so appreciative of this fall weather!..Sun is shining, the air is finally crisp and not humid, so Wake up everyone and smile!

Today Is all about not giving up or quitting when you start something.

-When I graduated with my Undergrad at fau I started at a nutritional marketing company that fell through and I was faced with the decision of what now? I felt like giving up and throwing in the towel, but I didnt give up and went back to school for my masters:)…I couldnt be happier because I didnt settle in some 9-5 job I didnt feel fulfilled in.

Day 62: Dont let yourself throw in the towel!

1. Look over the pros of challenges your facing and make a list of reasons to keep it!

2. Get your friends and fam on board

3. Keep looking for lessons in live, and receive!

xoxo Stephi Paige



Day 61: challenges


Coming to a close of day 61, and what a busy but great day it was…I had
So much planned and instead of looking at accomplishing everything I had to do as a challenge to get done I just went with the flow and did everything with a smile.

Sometimes we may find ourselves in the worst or most challenging situations but there is always something we can pull out of it that’s positive even if it’s a small as the weather is nicer out today:)

So today and from here on out I hope I continue to and you all continue to remember to just breathe and smile..nothing in life has to be a struggle
Or a challenge we can overcome..keep using the best acessory we have…:D

Xoxo Stephi Paige

Day 60: Are you always a Busy bee?


Day 60 and section 6, all about facing challenges.

Are you always running around filling your day from task to task trying to get everything done? sometimes I find myself always in this position and by the end of the day it leaves me with nothing but crankiness…Its okay to be busy but we should always take a moment to check in, or fill our day with something that is unplanned and just being.


DAy 60 : Learning to say no to tasks or plans throughout the day if you find your self stressing for time.

1. So no thanks to any cool new websites to be apart of including blogs, craft sites pinterest, stumble upon, phone apps etc..recieve some more free time for the next 4 weeks, these sites and apps will always be there to try later.

These past 60 days I have opened myself up to so many new activities and hobbies that my brain and body are starting to fizzle out on me. I still want to enjoy these new hobbies of mine, I dont want them to become stressors.

2. Make shorter to do lists…for the next 3 weeks. If everyday you get up and make breakfast, maybe 2 days a week do a take in or order in breakfast. Maybe pick up a batch of bakes goods at the store and have it for an easy grab in the am..

3. TAke at least 10 min minimum everyday to sit and smile and just be, recognizing everything you’ve accomplished or didnt accomplish through your day. Whatever the outcome is smile and enjoy life that very moment.

It’s never to late to change something about yourself that you are not completely happy with. Never settle, especially for a life of running around constantly saying yes to doing things you dont want to be doing in the first place. Sit back, relax, and smile:)

xoxo Stephi Paige