Day 77 : Find an outlet ( An endorphin releasing one)


Todays Positive activity matches so well with what I discussed in my presentation in class last night. All about keep moving forward, and how by just moving or exercising can be a better form of therapy then just sitting down talking with someone one on one.

– CArdio whether in the form of dance, biking, swimming, running, tredmills, elepticals, etc. etc. they all make you move and release those feel good endorphins. (When depressed its hard to find the motivation to get out of bed and do this 30 to 45min a day, but trust me when you are finished, and this may take 1 to 4 sessions depending those endorphins will kick in faster)

-I can definitely speak from experience when I was going through a break-up two years ago I couldnt find that motivation to get out of bed for anything let alone exercise. HOwever, once i started moving i gained my life back one step (or run haha) at a time.:)


So today day 77:

Get moving!

1. challenge yourself today to doing 30-45 min of cardio…if you usually do 45min, stay on for 5 min longer, or up your speed or incline.

2. After this your body naturally releases two hours of feel good endorphins, so use them to get some other tasks done for the day!

3. Make a calender of other planned cardio day at least 3 this week!

Now im off for my run!

xoxo Stephi paige

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