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Day 16! and some of 15 update:)


So yesterday was a hectic day, got so much done! I’m starting to feel even better if that’s believable..feeling like I can accomplish anything and everything lately.

– So yesterday I started visualizing more dreams to have in life and cant wait to pursue them!..I started grabbing things for my visual board, and today I will start working on it:)..(ill try to post a picture later)

Day 16

Today will include turning my dream board into an action list!

– SO this means try to write three things on a piece of paper and make them into a reality by executing them.

Remember remain positive! life is too short not to be, and you only get one of them!…Look at every challenge as a oppurtunity, and a lesson learned:)

Enjoy your day!

xoxo stephi Paige

Day 15 activities via!


Hello day 15! and hello Tuesday!

I love todays activities because it’s all about following our Dreams!

The law of attraction explains if we imagine things in live or dream them to be true then they will eventually come to us!..May seem like a bogus idea to most but why not give it a try to test the magic behind this theory!

So today We should all work on picturing our life of positive and wholeness.

1. Be aware of you self today, how do you define yourself? what consists of your social environment? Do you feel you have a purpose, or do you inspire to be somewhere in life?

2. What do you want most out of life, and why is it not here yet? identify some roadblocks, maybe once you identify them then this may seem easier to achieve.

3. Like I had said earlier if you picture something, or have the ability to visual something and believe the truth and realism it hold, then by the law of attraction life shall bring you these things. Maybe not in the exact form, but it will come in some way.

So create yourself a visual board within the next 10 days, and  put on that board whatever it is that brings you into wholeness, or will allow you to be your positive self. (A visual board can consist of words, phrases, photos, magazine articles,etc.)

Hope everyone enjoys their day! Happy Tuesday!

xoxo Stephi Paige


Another completed day in the world of positive thinking:)


As day 14 comes to a close, I cant believe I have went on this long with noticing how to change my thoughts daily and to produce a healthier lifestyle for myself and others around me.

– Today was an amazing monday!..I had a great run, great coffee, and more calls back then usual at work.. must be all this positive energy Ive been puttting out there:)..Additionally I was overwhelmed with all the donations I received today for support in my 5k run. (I  actually pulled over and started to cry because of all the joy it brought me to know how many people out there support me!) So thank you I love u all and thanks for making me feel extra special today!

Everyday is an oppurtunity for me now, I wont let any days pass me by without feeling or reflecting that it brought me something, or I brought it something.

2. Today I educated my mind on the benifits of wheatgrass, which i just recently started to take shots of . only my third time today! (hard to get use to0).. But after reading all the great benifits this little 10z shot has on my health amazed me! I am going to try and make it more of a habit..(an oppurtunity to better my health).

3. I finally learned to volunteer for a role play activity for a theory that I am very unfamiliar, and uncomfortable working with (psychoanalysis)… To my surprise I received compliments on how well I did and other classmates even came to me after class saying what great ideas I had in dealing with the situation at hand ( this may sound confusing, but it was so rewarding)..I took something I feared and attacked it! I will now try and raise my hand or participate more in class for things that i am not comfortable with, and in return Ill gain more knowledge and practice from not fearing the unknown or unfamiliar:)

Thats it for now, back to more reading for class tomorrow, and some sleep!

xoxo stephi paige


Day 14 of 100 days! the two week mark!


Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I sure did, I had great times with friends, family, and managed to get some work done too!:)

Started off today with a bang! Ran my 5mil before work, very excited to run in honor of my grandpa Oct 1st! I am also overwhelmed by the donations I have already received from friends and family, your support has touched me along with many others who are effected by this disease. Heres my donation page if you feel like it:)…

Also..Pumpkin Flavored coffee is back at DD! def grabbed a cup before work, So yummy!

Todays Activities include:

Thinking everything as a oppurtunity.

As a situation arises in life you can either look at it as a roadblock or as a oppurtunity to better yourself or others. (I’ll take option two)

You have the ability to choose to be happy, so why not start today if you havent! Block out those negative feelings!

1. Today choose to think of everything as an opportunity, It may be hard in some situations, but believe me you can add something positive to every given situation.

2. Learn Something new by reading. Maybe an article, buying a new book, or just reading this blog for the first time. Gain some new insights, reading is the easiest way!

3. Lastly,do something that scares you 3 times this week. Life is too short to live in fear, so overcome it! try something new!

Have a great monday everyone! updates later

Also remember to check this is where all these great activities come from! or you can check my wall on Facebook and friend Ursula, she also posts them there:)

Keep reading, and keep positive!

xoxo Stephi Paige


12 whole days!


Saturday has come to a close. What an amazing day!
Woke up to having coffee with megan, then a nice steam and sauna session to sweat out the alcohol from the fun night before. Met the girls for lunch, got a little work done and then enjoyed some outdoor music with the parents, and then late dinner with the girls. I am pooped!
My list of 10:
1. Eat at restuarants that I’ve never been to before
2. Find a sowing class for me n Amanda 
3. Read my school books outside
4. Try a different yoga style( hot yoga)
5. Save up for a bike to ride to the beach when it gets cooler out.
6. See a comedy show
7. Find a new dance class
8. Start bracelet charity
9. Write more 
10. Lay in bed a little longer on Sundays:)

I’ve had so much to be thankful for these past days and my while life. Glad I am starting to do things and think in a way that only produces me to feel even better! 

Thanks again for the donations from my friends of my 5k run site. I am so lucky to have such wonderful supportive
 people in my life. I truly am blessed:)

Hope everyone enjoys there restful Sunday. I am going to take full advantage of this one!

Xoxo Stephi Paige 

Day 12-13 of positive thinking!


Hello weekend and hello days 12 and 13!
100 days of positive activies for the weekend include:

12. Simply have some fun! Maybe u worked all week, or went to school, whatever it was it’s Saturday and it’s time to enjoy yourself!

1.  today recognize your happiness and fun!
Make a list of 10 things you can do to make your life more fun all the time:).

Sunday Day 13= the day of rest

13. SimPly reflect  on how postive you have become and how all these past activites have allowed you to grow. Don’t even chart how u felt, just relax..and be. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Xoxo Stephi Paige 

Day 11 activities! Morning all


Good Morning all!

Not only is it day 11, but it’s also Friday!

Starting off my friday with a nice power breakfast, and then some coffee with the girls and Yoga:)

Todays activities are ones that I practice daily, and they work! I started after a really bad break-up, and when I came across this skill it helped me move on.

So awesome idea Ursula!:

This activity is the practice of Gratitude… which is an attitude in its own right!

– You always have a reason to be thankful! You may not realise it, but you will! Just take a moment sit there and go ahead and list 5 things you are grateful for at the present moment, and write um down!

so here I go:

1. My new appreciation for yoga, and running

2. My awesome friends

3. My ability to multi-task

4. My family

5. Not getting a direct hit from Hurricane Irene

You try it! every night before going to sleep list these 5 things. I promise the more things you are grateful for the more good things that will come your way.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

xoxo Stephi Paige


Day 10 of Positive thinking results


Hello all! What a mess out there! Hope the weathers not affecting anyones mood and you’re using it in a positive way by maybe surfing, the movies, for me Im going to have a nice glass of red wine and some soup:)

Meanwhile…back at the farm..(haha love that saying).. today was great.. I just love saying that lately! I was up at 6am running my 5 miles preparing for Oct 1st where I run in honor of my grandpa along with many others who also are passionate about finding a cure!

After that it was off to work, and it was bagel Thursdays! Got to love a free breakfast. Then It was off to my last class of the week, career counseling..seems like a good class, and a good professor helps as well. Today I was also was faced with some people from the past that could have sent me into being in a very bad mood but I took the situation as a lesson learned and a good one! and I am completely happy with what this way of thinking has allowed me to do:) So you can try to change my mood, but as I said before I am the one who hold that power, and my mood is staying happy and positive!.


1. After all of this you probably think I have the ability to take over the world (jokes) but I still always promise myself that I will not text while in the car, and today I did it again! ( more than once) this is a dangerous habit! From now on my phone is going in the glove compartment when im driving..maybe that will help:).

Another one is keeping my closet and car clean! closet somehow after a week of being organized its only a matter of time before the thing turns into hurricane Irene, and then my car happens to turn into my closet..hmm imagine that?

–So I shall organize my closet and keep it that way, and if not I’ll be doing a lot of cleaning and writing about how I will haha.

So now its off to treat myself to some wine..figured Id update my blog before my spelling is worse after the vino:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

Day 10 Activities are here!


Day 10! Were finally here, surprisingly still in a positive cheery mood this morning due to feeling the outer bands of the icky weather from Irene. Thanks to my morning run, and it being bagel Thursday at work I’m not complaining about a little rain and wind:).


So todays activities include, all about learning from the past. SOmetimes its is easier for us to learn a lesson from one situation or bad habit and move on, while others are more of a challenge, and even though we learned these things are bad for us, we continue to repeat the same thing over and over again, getting the same consequences. WHY? WHO KNOWS!..Today lets notice these things and change it to one of those lessens learned to forgive and forget for GOOD!

1. Try and figure out why this havent work like others lessons learned in the past, and try to set some goals for the week watching these habits closely. Maybe set up a reward system if you go 1 week or maybe 2 without repeating them.

2. Lets not think of this next activity as a form of punishment but as a helper in achieving some success with this positive change…so this means if you do happen to make the mistake of repeating this habit (mistakes happen) then you will have to succumb to a little assignment of writing a full-page of the habit over and over again..


I will not bite my nails I will not bite my nails

I will not bite my nails…(you get the idea)

thanks Ursula again for supplying us with these awesome activities everyday! And thanks everyone who is keeping up, staying positive, and reading!:)

Have a great day, stay dry! And drive carefully!

xoxo Stephi Paige

Day nine and feelin fine:)


So wednesday is coming to a close, and tomorrow will be the tenth day of positive thinking!…WOW!

Well lets start with today.

For me today was one that brought me so much joy!

It all started with my motivation to wake up and start training my body even better for my 5k run on oct 1st. in honor of my grandpa, who I had lost to his battle with brain cancer in 09′. So today for the first time without walking in between I ran/jogged for 40 minutes straight on a treadmill (Never had even attempted before, but I did it!)..Then upon finishing my 5 miles if the morning I received an email informing me that my dad had made the first donation on my webpage, and following another by Not a bad way to start the morning:).

Work went by pretty fast I took my time with calls and sipped my soy vanilla latte from Starbuck’s, (absolutely delicious!)

Okay on to my completed activities to finish off my day:

1. Constantly I beat myself up over when I allow people a second or even third chance back into my life and then allow them break me down emotionally…But today I told myself everyone that has come into my life, came in for a reason, and left for a reason, and with each taught me a lesson. Now, I can just breathe, move on, forgive  and forget whoever they may be, or whatever they may have done because my happiness is way more valuable. To be completely happy and positive them means letting go of the anger towards everything so even if that means forgiving those who wronged you so you can forget and MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!:)

2. Journal writing is my forgivness ritual, and actually my ritual for everything thats going on in this head of mine. Writing things down and getting it off my chest even if its on pen and paper, i am still releaseing my thoughts both positive and negative, which allows me to move past the “past” literally, and live presently.

Thats it for now, up early tomorrow for some more running, my last class for the week, and then hello glass of red wine:)!

xoxo Stephi Paige