Day 10 of Positive thinking results


Hello all! What a mess out there! Hope the weathers not affecting anyones mood and you’re using it in a positive way by maybe surfing, the movies, for me Im going to have a nice glass of red wine and some soup:)

Meanwhile…back at the farm..(haha love that saying).. today was great.. I just love saying that lately! I was up at 6am running my 5 miles preparing for Oct 1st where I run in honor of my grandpa along with many others who also are passionate about finding a cure!

After that it was off to work, and it was bagel Thursdays! Got to love a free breakfast. Then It was off to my last class of the week, career counseling..seems like a good class, and a good professor helps as well. Today I was also was faced with some people from the past that could have sent me into being in a very bad mood but I took the situation as a lesson learned and a good one! and I am completely happy with what this way of thinking has allowed me to do:) So you can try to change my mood, but as I said before I am the one who hold that power, and my mood is staying happy and positive!.


1. After all of this you probably think I have the ability to take over the world (jokes) but I still always promise myself that I will not text while in the car, and today I did it again! ( more than once) this is a dangerous habit! From now on my phone is going in the glove compartment when im driving..maybe that will help:).

Another one is keeping my closet and car clean! closet somehow after a week of being organized its only a matter of time before the thing turns into hurricane Irene, and then my car happens to turn into my closet..hmm imagine that?

–So I shall organize my closet and keep it that way, and if not I’ll be doing a lot of cleaning and writing about how I will haha.

So now its off to treat myself to some wine..figured Id update my blog before my spelling is worse after the vino:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

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