Day 10 Activities are here!


Day 10! Were finally here, surprisingly still in a positive cheery mood this morning due to feeling the outer bands of the icky weather from Irene. Thanks to my morning run, and it being bagel Thursday at work I’m not complaining about a little rain and wind:).


So todays activities include, all about learning from the past. SOmetimes its is easier for us to learn a lesson from one situation or bad habit and move on, while others are more of a challenge, and even though we learned these things are bad for us, we continue to repeat the same thing over and over again, getting the same consequences. WHY? WHO KNOWS!..Today lets notice these things and change it to one of those lessens learned to forgive and forget for GOOD!

1. Try and figure out why this havent work like others lessons learned in the past, and try to set some goals for the week watching these habits closely. Maybe set up a reward system if you go 1 week or maybe 2 without repeating them.

2. Lets not think of this next activity as a form of punishment but as a helper in achieving some success with this positive change…so this means if you do happen to make the mistake of repeating this habit (mistakes happen) then you will have to succumb to a little assignment of writing a full-page of the habit over and over again..


I will not bite my nails I will not bite my nails

I will not bite my nails…(you get the idea)

thanks Ursula again for supplying us with these awesome activities everyday! And thanks everyone who is keeping up, staying positive, and reading!:)

Have a great day, stay dry! And drive carefully!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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