Day 7 Activities are here!


Good morning everyone! and happy Monday!

Day 7’s activities are to be wise and wild!.. That means to analyze anything that havent or isn’t going great, or what went wrong.

This weekend I learned this one for sure. Being positive also is recognizing what isn’t positive, and allowing yourself to have those feelings. If once in a while you don’t experience or feel a negative feeling or situation, how will you recognize a positive one? So remember its okay, recognize, and notice how and why it’s there so you have the ability to make the necessary changes:).

I’m hope everyone is enjoying these activities that is participating..I know I sure am, not only is it good for the mind, but it’s not to shabby waking up with something to look forward too either!

So the activities via

1. Evaluate an area of my life and list 3 ways to improve it.

2. Give up the wish’s, should have, could have, and would haves…that means explore 3 new things this week that brings you joy.

3. Own a character flaw and trash it. If it crawls out of that trash at some point, throw it right back in!

Meaning im to smart to….

Too pretty too..

too wise too..


Check back for updates later!

Everyone enjoy their Monday!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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