Day 7 Completed!


So one week down, and feeling very happy and proud of my success so far!

Woke up and ran 4 miles, which felt great! That energy carried through the rest of my day. I even got to work with the surprise of winning the contest of last week! So bonus check for me! If thats not a good way to start off your monday I dont know what is:). 

I had an amazing vegan lunch with my mommy, and then it was off to my first class of the semester. Felt great to see familiar faces, and to start off the semester with a great first class. (lots of cool assignments, and no exams for this class)

I ended my monday with dinner at pf changs with all my girlfriends, great food and convo!

my positive activities that I worked on today also helped me have great energy as well as great things come my way all day:

1. The area I needed improvement on was my inner critique. I realized I’m always looking in the mirror, whether its washing my hands, getting ready, trying on clothes, or doing my hair, but not pointing out things I like ever!..Ive noticed my own thoughts are always something like “there’s too much fat on my neck” or “my skin looks bad today”…( and I know we all tend to do this!)..So, Its today that I have completely stopped, because it doesn’t feel good when someone else pokes at you, so why should you do it to yourself? 

So for the next 93 days and hopefully the rest of my life when I look in the mirror or anything that remotely gives off a reflection of myself I will only give a compliment.  So today I did just that, and have felt pretty darn good!

2. The three new things I hope to enjoy, is going to be first to try to create something for my wall which is completely bare in my room!..I always say I want to put a picture up, create something or anything! but I have lived here for a year and this wall is still white! The other two ideas stay tuned:)..

3. I am going to try my best to trash my character flaw of what others think. Wether I feel like doing a silly dance in the middle of a room of people, singing in my car, or just saying what I feel, I am not going to look around or hesitate because someone else may think its stupid. If it makes me happy, then that’s all that matters!

Night for now everyone! 

Stay Positive!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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