Positive thinking days 5-6 weekend update:)


Hope everyone has had a great weekend thus far!

This weekend was a definite challenge for me. My friday started out great and let my inner rock star out that is for sure.

Had drinks, and some great times with friends, but saturday morning I woke up and went through a slump, so yes, I have a couple of fines, and will be doing lots of flossing, and some extra running tomorrow morning. I did happen to switch my energy around and had a great family bbq with at my brothers apartment in miami. Hanging with the family always manages to put a smile on my face. My mother even had two new shirts on my bed when i came back from getting my morning coffee..I really have such a great family.

Today was even better, slept in for a first, and met my bestie melissa for a yummy breakfast, and had some great convo. I ended sunday with an awesome yoga class, and am ready for sunday night tv with the fam and closing in on this weekend getting ready for the first day back to classes tomorrow.

On another Positive note I did my laundry thanks to my silly stick figure picture on my hamper pile. it said “I aint gunna do myself” with a happy face..made me laugh.

I switched my attitude back today to turn my inner critic into goals. Reminding myself I am pretty awesome, and have so much to be thankful for.

Im ready for a positive week, and to start my third semester in my Masters program tomorrow!

Stay tuned tomorrow morning for mondays positive activities via Keepingskinny@wordpress.com

xoxo StephiPaige

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