Day 35- “You are Having a Moment”


Happy Friday! and happy day 35 of Positive thinking!

woke up on my day off at 7am…( I’m a morning person) excited for all my activities planned today.

-I get to have breakfast with my favorite woman in the world (my mommy, she created me so she’s pretty darn great hehe;)..)

-Then later tonight dinner with Aron, my brother and Carolina, at a new sushi place I havent tried, double excited!

In light of that there’s some activities to attend to and think about:

Day 35: Use a scale from 1-10 to rate lifes lil tumbles or big tumbles to keep what deserves more of your attention in perspective.

The other day when I was having Dinner with Ursula she said something that stood out to me. She said there’s some things that happen in life that are major, and at other times we are just “having our moments”…So today and everyday I will keep that in practice. Nothing is permanent, especially an emotion. You feel for as long as you allow yourself to (What power!).. or simply putting it “Mind over matter”

SO the scale includes 10- Maybe a devastating event as a death in the family, or hurricane Katrina type of deal.

————————– 1- YOu are just “having a moment”- you stubbed your toe, your stuck in traffic. (Get over it!)

For instance, the other day I was having a jersey shore moment, and went for a spray tan. However, mid-way

through the machine shut off on me. (Have you ever seen that episode of friends with Ross?) well instead of making it the biggest deal in the world for me and those around me because I looked like a circus clown, I laughed it off. Instead of trying to make myself believe this is a 10, I made it a 0.5. I brushed it off( well scrubbed and washed it off haha) , and just said this sucks, but oh well!….Soooo YOu try it!

1. If you come across a challenge today, rate it. YOull soon realize some of the things you stress about our give so much attention, and pity parties to, are new big deal. What better way to do that by you, yourself even saying it’s not a big deal!

2. Share this with a friend or family member.

Have a great Friday!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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