Day 34, a “TO-DOnt List”


Morning all! Its bagel Thursdays, and My end of the work week hooray!

-I had such a great day yesterday filled with anything less than boring, although I did complete my bordem jar for a rainy day;).

I went for a nice run yesterday, and tried out the SPot rest. On atlantic Ave with Ursula, which I absolutely Loved! Reminded me of a NYC coffee shop at night.

We have all heard of a To do list, many of us barley complete it in a days worth of time, but have you ever made a To-Dont list? I sure havent! Rarely to we realize all the things we fill our day with that could be freed up for more time to do the things wed much rather have time for…So today my TO-Dont list Includes:


1. Prepare my Lunch for tomorrow (No – need its my day off, treat myself to taking the day as it comes)

2. Check Old twitter feeds (if im that bored, utilize my bordem jar)

3. Buy new magazines ( I have a book left to read and a hand me down mag to finish)

4. Wake up early to run (Why rush, I can run later)

5. Set aside time to watch whats on my DVR (A task for the Boredom Jar; The shows not going to disappear)

6. DO my laundry ( Enough clothes to do my laundry once a week)

7. Organize my desk ( It  looks fine)

8. Stare at my work clock (Only slows down time, and is a distraction!)

9. Eat that Bagel (Just because its bagel Thursdays, doesnt meed I need to stuff my face!)

10. Drink to fast ( Going to dinner with girlfriends tonight I can enjoy “A” cocktail)


Have a great day all!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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