Day 100!!! The Finish!


Holy Moly! 100 days of positive thinking activities, and I cant even believe this time has already gone by so fast. Thanks so much to Ursula for this great idea. Not only did it inspire me, and help me ease through challenges these last 100 days, but I have truly adapted a new attitude for life, and am lucky enough to inspire others along the way as well.

In the past 100 days I’ve ran my first 5k, taken on yoga, raised 350 dollars for cancer (with the help of amazing friends and family). Ive adapted to eating vegan, cutting out all dairy and meat and fish products. I joined the american association for youth care givers as a volunteer. I started my own bracelet business that is quickly flourishing, and couldn’t of done it with out the help and support of such amazing people who i have in my life now.

-I put positive thoughts,vibes, and an attitude out into this world and recieved nothing but greatness in return. I am more than thankful than the life I life today, and the smile I continue to carry on my face.

Love you all, stay tuned for next blog starting Monday December 5th:)

It’s never to late to change your attitude, go back through these blogs and start from day 1..I promise you wont lose anything:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

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