Day 86: “Live in the Now”


Back to Monday morning, and started it off the right way will a 2 mile run to the beach, and a green smoothie:)..This weekend was great, I saw Sister Hazel at beerfest which was awesome, got to celebrate a friends graduation, but unfortunately was also faced with something really scary…

-Yesterday I was on my way to watch some sunday football at beach place with aron, and heading south on 95 the car in front of us hit a motorcyclist.. Watching his tumble through the air before our eyes, and arons swerving out-of-the-way just in time not to hit anyone around us, or the motorcyclist on the pavement was scary!…This all felt like a horrible movie right before my own eyes, almost felt unreal..but unfortunatly was too real… After pulling over and making a 911 call, I hope all is well and definitely will send my prayers out for this horrible event.

I am so fortunate that we were able to swerve out-of-the-way in time not to hit anyone or get hit ourselves.

This definitely made me more appreciative for my life now, and it is so important to not be so consumed in whats to come and appreciate whats here, now, and in front of you because life throws up for loops and turns at times, and before we know it, it can be over.


1. Un Plug- with the exception on this blog…(and work emails) will be spending the next 10 days detached from technology.

Try and not text for a whole day, maybe not watch tv all day, take out whats consuming you and taking you away from whats in front of you:)..enjoy the present!

2. Enter the Here and Now

-spend time with family, relax at home, meditate, and just enjoy whats always been here in front of you:

3. Spend a few days reflecting on true meaning of your upcoming holidays..Not about gifts or presents, or what to buy..the true important stuff!

Write a list of personal values on day 10

days 87-96 will be quotes to help us reflect..Using as less technology as possible

Have an awesome well everyone!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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