Day 83 (yesterdays a little late) 84 and 85 is all about music and dance!


Hey all sorry about yesterday’s post, better late than never tho right?

Day 83 was about creating a music playlist for different times whether your working out, just going on a walk, or what ever it maybe make a playlist for it! Music motivates you as well as can put you in a great mood!

1. Create A playlist for days ya feel positive and up beat, and to keep these vibes going.

2. A mellow playlist for yoga or long slow runs.

3. A “I don’t want to” playlist..Songs that make you get up and move even when you really don’t want to.

Day 84: DAnce!

My favorite day of all! DAnce is one of the biggest forms of expression, and can put me in the greatest mood!.. DAncing the night away not only torches calories but its fun! Being that this is the weekend, try it out! If you go out to a club and are normally the one standing in the corner, get out there and move!

1. Todays task you guessed it is dance! Maybe if a club isn’t your scene this weekend take a class at your local gym, or put on that playlist in your own home n dance around the house;)

DAy 85 (TOmorrow)

1. Exercise Daily! Cardio, Stretching and weights, not all in one day, but you should at least be moving your body by at least stretching daily..

2. Make sure your calories, and food groups reflect your workout.

-Yesterday I ran, did weights, and some yoga so I made sure to eat lots of protein, and fill up on some carbs in the morning for breakfast..Fueling your body with the right things is so important especially when your working a lot.

3. Try one new thing monthly…to shock your body.
– Sometimes we need a little change in our workouts if we arent seeing the results we want. I havent worked out with weights in about 8mnths, and recently just started and am already feeling as well as seeing the changes in my body!

Have a great weekend all!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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