Day 82: Quit that “yo-yo” dieting and commit to healthy eating!


Have you found yourself idolizing that girl with the amazing bod in a magazine, or the ripped guy in the gym?…Everyone is built differently, but you have the ability to look and feel your best! This requires work!…These bodies you see in mags(usually airbrushed) Or that chick you see next to you at the gym with a six-pack doesnt come by just a magic diet pill, or quick fix yo-yo diet..People that are in truly amazing shape adopt a healthy lifestyle. They can have a bagel for breakfast once in a while, or eat a dessert at dinner, and have a few beers and still look this way because they put the work in!..

Growing up Ive tried South beach, Atkins, Skipping meals, liquid cleanses (which I find okay for a day or two to clean out my body of toxins), and may more all to try and lose a quick few lbs…However, what I found myself doing was raiding that fridge and stuffing my face when its all over..End result= right back to square one or even weighing more!

I now eat what I want, when I want it..if i feel like having something sweet I do so, If I want a bagel in the morning I have that too. I have learned to use my food as fuel to do what I love Exercise, and to keep me energized throughout the day..end result= Positive attitude, and me loving my body:)


1.  Take a few minutes to remember how you felt before you took up healthy eating and exercise.

2. Think before you give up meals for drinks

-By being vegan I sometimes will have a juice for breakfast, but I still will have a little something extra with it, or maybe an hour later…DOnt skip you meals! your body needs it to maintain a normal metabolism, and coffee is not breakfast, its an additive to your breakfast! Opt for low fat milk, or soy, or almond milk, and at least a banana, piece of whole wheat toast, Anything! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

3. Reach out for help when needed..

-If your having trouble keeping on track, ask a healthy friend for recipes, maybe if you have the money get a trainer or see a nutritionist, or simply exercise with a friend who’s in shape and will push you..The other day I ran with my friend Megan, shes not a runner and said her knees hurt her..but she did an amazing job and ran/walked with me about 4.5miles!


So lets end this diet madness and just enjoy and be healthy! Rome wasnt built-in one day, and neither will a six-pack just magically appear after a month of doing crunches…But if you want it bad enough you can get it!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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