Day 81: Feeling good about yourself and body is 70% Food, 30% Exercise!


Day 81 of 100 days of positive thinking, and to be positive, we have to feel good about ourselves. Being aware of your body and what you put in it is a major step in changing your attitude. Last weekend I indulged in late night pizza(vegan, but still way to much at 1am), Bread, and candy! I woke up Sunday morning feeling not like myself, and pretty dull n crappy all day long. Although, I still remained some what positive, It was definitely a challenge because I felt the effects from the night before.

We can run, swim, play sports, and exercise all we want, but if we are eating like crap, well then you no the deal, you will look and feel the part as well.


Day 81:

1. Ursula recommended I watch this movie, (which I still have yet to watch the whole thing) “Forks Over Knives”.. It’s a very short documentary but if your eating like crap, it is known to be life changing…


2. Now you don’t have to be completely vegan like me, but if you slowly start to eliminate processed foods, and maybe meat once a week, you’ll notice a huge different. When you are eating healthy it’s not a “diet” It becomes a way of life.  ( I use a trick by looking at the back of packaged foods, and If the first 5 ingredient arent ones I can pronounce or recognize I wont eat it!)

3.  Start a Journal for what you eat, Its time-consuming, but try it out for at least 2 days to recognize what you are putting in your body… Start with I ate…I felt…

Examples: I ate…Steamed veggies and brown rice..I felt: Full, and energized

I Use to eat candy for breakfast, maybe fries for dinner, and nothing in between but diet soda…My skin looked like crap, I felt like poop, and was an emotional wreck…Now I don’t know how i can get much happier:)

have a Great Day!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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  1. What an inspiration to know where ya were and how far you’ve come. Ya should be so proud of how ya are treating your body!!!

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