Day 80 of 100 days of postive thinking- Be fit if you want a positive attitude!


Wow its really day 80! For everyone following along Koodos! and Im sure you feel just as great as I do by now:).

-TOday and most days I find myself extremely busy, running around, making plans, working on my new bracelet business, my day job, school, homework, a social life, whooaaa im getting tired just rambling on about it.. Still with a whole lot on my plate right now what keeps me sane, and my endorphins flowing is exercise! With all this going on how do i find time for it? I love the  way my body feels as well as my mind when im exercising and this feeling continues with me all day…So your not going to get that positive attitude by sitting on you couch all day long…Get out there and MOVE! Exercise is a free drug, it make you feel high as a kite as soon as those endorphins kick in, but you have to get of that bum of yours to feel it!

Day 80- stay fit even when you think your too busy…(never too busy to squeeze in some lunges while watching tv, or jumping jacks while waiting for something to heat up in the microwave!)

So quick fixes

1. Random acts of exercise…like i mentioned before if you ever find yourself waiting around for as a drill sergant would say.. and “drop and give me 20”

2. If you can’t find time to work out when you first wake up set aside everything you need for some pm cardio. Maybe enlist a friend, or your significant other to go for a night walk or jog..either way move it or youll never lose it!:)

3. Recently a bunch of people have been playing kickball after work, or my dad still plays softball with his buddies 2times a week…So try and get some people together for an activity sport after work..youll get your cardio, and social time in.

So excuses, excuses…you can ALWAYS  find some time to move!

Looking forward to this last section on fitness:)

xoxo Stephi Paige



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