DAy 79! Only 20 days left until we reach our goal of 100 days!


Holy moly! Only 20 more days left until 100 full days of positive thinking tools and activities. This weekend as we looked back to see if we reached the goals set was interesting to see the first blog posted was to accept compliments with a thank you, and not to use the word “can’t”…these two things seem extremely easy for I have realized how much I “can” achieve in life. I can truly say I am actually living:).

So since there are only 20 days left what better way to embark on our last few days by setting some new goals to achieve:)

79 Build on Achieved Goals

1. Plan and Complete one fitness, home and personal goal this week.

I want to eat only raw foods and juices for 48hrs..last week I did 24hrs to start my week, but this week I need a little more after all the alcohol I consumed:)…Already on my way by drinking a kale, cucumber, banana, and flaxseed smoothie for breakfast.

– I  need to get some school work done, with completing at least one presentation, or paper.

2. Give these goals a one week timeline and build on them!

When I get some of this work out-of-the-way Hopefully when my birthday is here in 3 weeks I will have it all done and can enjoy my keys bday weekend w/o having so much to so when I return:)

HAve a great monday everyone!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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