Day 74: Let go of your past ( Special Dedication to Ursula)


Wow only 25 more positive days to go, but hopefully you all continue to lead positive outlooks, and attitudes daily:).

Today after reading Ursulas blog, I thought wow, this really hits home for me. I for so long was stuck in a rut, not realizing all the great inspiration, and wonderful things around my life. She mentioned how learning from older friends is important, and also important to teach those around you who also can use the inspiration as well.

By being friends with influential and positive ladies in my life I have the ability to learn and grow as an individual myself. Taking advice from a gal pal that is older that you, is way different then the advice you receive from your mother (even though my moms great).

– So i dedicate this blog today to My friend Ursula-

Ursula Has been through so much in life, break-ups, losing a loved one, overcoming a huge battle with weight and exercise, and by looking at her now you could never guess that shes had these challenges!

She has helped me turn my life around by thinking positive, helped me to run my first 5k!, Got me eating vegan, helped to start my own bracelet business, and so much more!.. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a friend like I do. Thanks Ursula for all your advice and so much more!

Even though I have a had a rough past, Its over with! And I have great friends and family around me now who have made me who I am today.

So today day 74: Let go of the past! Live for now!

1. List 25 attributes that make you special

2. list 10 grudge or emotions your willing to let go of now

3. Send some positive energy to those that hurt you in the past. They need your positive thoughts and energy rather then more hate waves.

So let the past be the past, live for now:)

“Each day is the gift, thats why we call it a present”- So live it!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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