Day 71 and 72 of 100 days of positive thinking( sorry for late post)


Woah its been a weekend! definitely a fun one, but lots of drinking and late night outings, ready to recharge my batteries this week!

This is just in time for yesterdays activities..(day 71).. putting first things first!…Starting with my health this week:).

DAy 71:

1. Get priorities in order to create some balance

2. Ask yourself what matters most

Relax, its okay to not fit everything into one day…patienceee

Day 72 ( Today)

Looking at a glass as half full instead of empty…

You can either choose to be positive, or choose the latter.. Taking a little good out of every situation is so important, especially if your going through a rough time.

1. Be grateful for challenges youve faced in life instead of beating yourself up about it. Everything in life is a oppurtunity for growth as long as we can have the attitude to look at these situations that way.

Have a good rest of the weekend

xoxo stephi paige


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