Day 70: Woahh only 30 more until we reach 100!


Morning everyone! and Happy Friday!

I am feeling extremely happy this morning..more so then most, realizing that my life is coming together for the better. I have great friends to keep me motivated happy and inspired, a great boyfriend, and an awesome family.:) (no wonder why im so happy)

Today day 70 is about being kind and honest

1. Speak with only kind words today, the truth hurts sometimes, but we can always spread some kindness on what we are saying so its not hurtful but just honest. Always push yourself for the better, dont beat yourself up for any reason because no one is perfect…if there was a perfect person theyd probably be boring!

2. Write a love letter to yourself today and mail it…youll def smile when you get it:)

3. Look at your friendships..the people in your life all say something about you and your truths..

– I am so happy like i said before to have my friend megan for uplifting laughter catering to my silly kid side, ursula for inspiration motivation, awesome talks, antonella, aron, melissa, my amazing best friend my mommy, my twin brother, and many many more!

thank you all so much! love ya all and so happy you are making me the happy positive person i am today:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

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