Day 68: How to be a gangster…(well a spiritual one hehe)


Morning everyone, day 68 and from Ursula’s blog you have to read the inspirational story about her friend cathy…I would share it here, but go read her blog for it!:)…(I’ll give you a little clue that it deals with karma and how it has a ripple effect)

On to-day 68:

Everyone we come across in life are facing their own challenges..even if they come off as mean or nasty, happy, or extremely positive, everyone deals with their own inner bullshit:).. This is why it’s so important to  try to practice being kind to all, especially if you want to receive kindness back

1. Help a stranger out today, even if it’s just helping them picking up something off the floor.

2. Be a receiver, and you’ll also feel good. Witnessing an act of kindness can make you feel just as good as doing the act itself. So live each days with your eyes open to a more kinder world..(there are still good people out there you just have to be open to receiving them)

3. If you witness someone doing a kind deed thank them for bringing positivity into your day. SO many good things are unnoticed so bring recognition to them.

have a good day all! and be kind:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

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