Day 67: Changing your diet habits can change your life!


It’s funny how todays post is about how eating a healthier diet, and the right foods can change your whole mood, attitude, a much more, when lately Ive been faced with tons of people asking me for healthy food advice!

– Sometimes we all look for that quick fix pill to cure our headaches, indigestion, depression, etc, when really the real culprit is what we are feeding our bodies with on a day-to-day basis.

– I once was a victim to some of the worst eating habits possible. Sugary cereals for breakfast, maybe candy and chips for lunch, and something along the lines of french fries for dinner. (I already have a stomach ache thinking about it).. During this time not only was a in a crappy, irritable mood a lot of the time, but also was tired, unfocused, and just made some poor decisions all together.

I have just recently switched over about a month and half ago to strictly vegan eating. Now im not saying to switch your diet like I did but there is something that you should definitely think about before putting in your body. For me cutting out dairy, meat, and other animal based and processed food from diet not only gave me more energy to run, but also has helped my skin and my mood!

-So let’s try today to start living by the saying “Our bodies are our temples”..(so quit putting crap in them, we only get one body to work with)

-My favorite saying from Ursula ,” You are not a dog so don’t reward yourself with food”

Day 67:

1. Clean your cabinets of junk food… out of sight out of mind:)..

2. Commit to packing at least 2 of your lunches, or pre-make 2 of your dinners a week, that way you don’t make a ravenous unhealthy decision, the healthy one will be waiting in the fridge/freezer for you.

3. Every time you think your hungry this week start by drink a glass of water that way you can see if its thirst, or really hunger.

Lets remember to eat breakfast lunch and dinner this week:)…n a healthy one:)

If anyone needs tips on some healthy meals, or help with switching vegan let me know!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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