Day 66- Learn to walk away from drama


Its monday, and Im back:).. Hope everyone has had a great weekend..I sure have.

-TOday is all about practicing to walk away from drama. SOmetimes we try and be there for someone, but it’s almost as if they are craving attention and adding unnecessary drama to your own life.  If someone around you is just having one of those moments where you can see that anything you say or do will not be enough, then just walk away! give them some time and space, and you will not fall victim to taking on the negative energy for the day.

1. analyze the situation at hand, if you can’t actually help the person close to you having the meltdown, then just give them some space.

2. Dont let someone elses mood transfer into your own. If you hang around negative people you too will be negative. It’s okay to let someone have a day to themselves if they need it.

Attitudes and emotions are hard enough to control when there our own, so why try to control someones elses?

xoxo Stephi Paige

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