Yesterday (day 63) 64 and 65 of Positive Thinking:)


Yesterday and these next two days are all about facing challenges.

Some things we face in life are easier to overcome, others are more difficult..but its never giving up and over coming these challenges is what matters.  Lifes challenges aren’t meant to paralyze, or defeat you, there present to allow you to better yourself and figure out who you are.

yesterday was about facing your challenges head one, which I will continue to practice from here on out!

Day 64: Today

Dont let losing something stop you.

– The other day I heard an inspirational life story about a girl who lost her father at 8, and instead of feeling hopeless because she had a mother that couldnt take care of her she became the caretaker of her family, paid the bills, by taking busses to the post office, finished school, went to college, and now wants to be a motivational speaker for others. This little girl faced her challenge of loss at 8! Maybe your loss isn’t a loved one but its a bad grade on a test a lost race, dance competition etc, etc. We can always overcome these loss’ in our own way.

1. Take a minute to visualize your losses and put them in perspective. bereavement and grief are a normal process in healing when we lose a loved one and takes time to regain back a positive attitude which is a different timeline for everyone. Losing a race or a poor grade should not be grouped with a grief process or a negative attitude.

Day 65: Sunday in advance FAce up to change

– In life sometimes we settle for things in fear of change, or simple upsetting someone else. Change is inevitable, and if we dont face changes head on we succumb to settling, how boring!

-I was feeling tired and cranky a month ago so i switched my diet back to vegan eating, and now I feel great!

2. commit to changing one negative habit or idea you have.

3. List how and y you will do this

I need to mix up my exercise routine and throw in a dance class. I keep saying Im going to throw in some kind of cardio activity in my week other than running but still have yet to do it. I also love dancing! and stopped doing it…not anyymore! Im going to sign up for a class this week!

FAcing challenges are never easy, thats why we call them challenges..I hope you all face any challenges head on this weekend!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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