Day 62: Dont be a Quitter!


Hooray! Its finally a beautiful day in South Fl!.. After two full days of non stop rain waking up this morning I was so appreciative of this fall weather!..Sun is shining, the air is finally crisp and not humid, so Wake up everyone and smile!

Today Is all about not giving up or quitting when you start something.

-When I graduated with my Undergrad at fau I started at a nutritional marketing company that fell through and I was faced with the decision of what now? I felt like giving up and throwing in the towel, but I didnt give up and went back to school for my masters:)…I couldnt be happier because I didnt settle in some 9-5 job I didnt feel fulfilled in.

Day 62: Dont let yourself throw in the towel!

1. Look over the pros of challenges your facing and make a list of reasons to keep it!

2. Get your friends and fam on board

3. Keep looking for lessons in live, and receive!

xoxo Stephi Paige



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