Day 60: Are you always a Busy bee?


Day 60 and section 6, all about facing challenges.

Are you always running around filling your day from task to task trying to get everything done? sometimes I find myself always in this position and by the end of the day it leaves me with nothing but crankiness…Its okay to be busy but we should always take a moment to check in, or fill our day with something that is unplanned and just being.


DAy 60 : Learning to say no to tasks or plans throughout the day if you find your self stressing for time.

1. So no thanks to any cool new websites to be apart of including blogs, craft sites pinterest, stumble upon, phone apps etc..recieve some more free time for the next 4 weeks, these sites and apps will always be there to try later.

These past 60 days I have opened myself up to so many new activities and hobbies that my brain and body are starting to fizzle out on me. I still want to enjoy these new hobbies of mine, I dont want them to become stressors.

2. Make shorter to do lists…for the next 3 weeks. If everyday you get up and make breakfast, maybe 2 days a week do a take in or order in breakfast. Maybe pick up a batch of bakes goods at the store and have it for an easy grab in the am..

3. TAke at least 10 min minimum everyday to sit and smile and just be, recognizing everything you’ve accomplished or didnt accomplish through your day. Whatever the outcome is smile and enjoy life that very moment.

It’s never to late to change something about yourself that you are not completely happy with. Never settle, especially for a life of running around constantly saying yes to doing things you dont want to be doing in the first place. Sit back, relax, and smile:)

xoxo Stephi Paige


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