DAy 59: Money is not a necessity to make the world a better place


Happy meatless monday everyone:)..TOday Im waking up with a new fresh monday start with a new job..So excited for a nice fresh start and a little change. My class is cancelled tonight so that gives me time to catch up, run, see a movie with my mom, and meet ursula to exchange time boards. This week I thought I was going to spend it job hunting when I lost my job wedneday after work, but instead I let it hit me for 5 min, cried, laughed, and said to myself my job never made me happy why do I care? So, I stoppped caring, and thought Im happy now so I definatly dont need this job to contribute to my happiness, because it never did. Well, Thursday morning I got myself a new job…and I start today! All apart of my attitude these days. This job will not make me rich, but It wont make me unhappy.


Day 59 Ya Don’t Have to Be RICH to Help Make the World Better!

1. Give of your time Do this 2x or more this week! Listen to a friend or family member who needs advice, help someone with a chore, maybe surprise your roommate or partner with completing a chore they normally do, etc etc.

2. if ya are blessed with extra $…share it…dontating is a great way to put extra money in use…and since I don’t have extra money I still can always find some extra time to do this, and believe me you will feel a much bigger reward than any paycheck can make you feel.

3. If ya are able-hire someone this week!

– Ursula is going to hire me to clean her office (such a big help because I need some extra dollars these days).. If you have extra dollars and are busy working guy or gal, call one of your friends who aren’t as well off who could use the extra moola:).

Money may buy us cars, clothes, food, and many other things, but it also says a lot about you as a person.. does money define you? or do you define money?…have a great week!

xoxoStephi Paige

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