Day 55 and 56!(sorry for the late update)


Woa have I been a busy little bee lately! I completely neglected to update on day 55 which was such an inspiring story. Ursula friends Asia who took a risk from being a tattoo artist to a chef in one year because she wanted to do what she loved…how inspiring! Remembering never to settle for something you’re not happy with is so important. We only have one life, and as steve jobs had said if you were to wake up knowing you were going to die that day would you want to be doing what you have planned? If the answer is constantly no, then you have some rearranging to do in life…

DAy 55 was all about turning every negative into a positive. Wednesday night I lost my job, but instead of sulking I had a great dinner with Aron, and in the morning I got myself a new job.. I was unemployed for 24hrs and Its all because of my attitude. I really have been utilizing turning every negative into a positive. So yesterday day I did as Ursula suggested in day 55 blog and let money not define me….Next weeks work week is going to be amazing:).


Onto day 56….are you cheating yourself?

Money is great but there are people who have all the money in the world, and are truly not happy. A positive attitude, and being happy is worth so much more than any paycheck I could ever receive. So we have a choice people. Isnt that great? we can choose to react however we want to any situation. It’s okay to cry and get angry sometimes because no one is perfect, but I try to not make that a habit.

Today learn to receive what life has to offer:

1. Share 25 positive happenings today

2. Love yourself more today..erase all negative commits you possess, especially towards yourself.

3. Write a letter to all old nasty thoughts letting them know you are now just strictly a positive attitude and give this to someone to mail to you in 2weeks so when you receive it you’re a reminded that the thoughts are gone.

Attitude is everything. Surround yourself with people who think and act in the same positive matter. Im thankful to have the power to control my thoughts and live life with a smile:).

xoxo Stephi Paige


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