Day 54: What do you truly value in life


DAy 54 of 100 days to positive thinking:

-In life everyone is different, which means we all value things in life differently as well. However, sometimes our values get mixed up in this messy world and we tend to lose track of whats really important. Think about it. How many times have you thrown a fit if something in your day has gone wrong and made that ruin your week? Usually for me theres always a friend or family member who makes me laugh in those silly little times which I make out to be a big “crisis”. What Im getting at is, value what is already around you and all those little things, the wants in life, all seem to diminish when we already have appreciation for the things we value most.

DAy 54:

1. What do you value? Write a list, and these things are intangible, meaning no dollar worth but the true value is indefinite.

I value my parents and the fact they all live near-by EAch member is so different but has always been there for me in different ways. When I went through a break up my parents let me back into their home so i had a place to live free of rent. They even were there in 5 min flat as I was being kicked out and helped me pack up my stuff, and were by my side until I felt normal again. :)… There is not enough money in the world to by my parents they truly are the best.

I value my brother- Not only am i lucky enough to have a sibling, but I have one that is a twin, so have had someone by my side, a best friend since being in the womb with, to help with first day school jitters, moving to a new town, learning to play sports, etc etc. I know I can always call my brother when I am in a panic, or when Im in a funk I simply just drive to his apartment and he takes care of me. Makes me laugh, and lets me escape for the weekend to his place… I know Ill always have a best friend in life, which not everyone has the security of.

I value being surrounded by amazing people: I have had some pretty crappy people come and go from my life, but I value the ones in my life now and value the fact I am aware of this. Megan who Ive known forever but recently became close with over the year is like the sister I never had. This girl is truly one of a kind and when were together were always laughing and living life in the moment having the best time. My parents introduced me to Ursula, who I am so thankful for because this friend is probably the most inspirational one of all, she has inspired me to take on yoga, running, start my bracelet business, and this blog of course, whoa! need I say more? Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend in life who also acts as a mentor. My friend Anotonella went to Fau with me, bartended her way through school, and now is a career women traveling all around the world working her butt off, but once shes in town she always calls me to make sure she sees be before her next business venture. She also inspires me that hard work pays off, and I am happy and proud to have her in my life too:)

I value my health I recently became vegetarian, and now vegan. I practice yoga, I run, and love being outside being active. I value my energy and my health that allows me to do all this.

2. Start a discussion about values in your home. Itll be interesting to see how alike and different they are.

3. How can you share your values with others?

– I give friends advice, I started to volunteer for youth caregivers organization, and I always make time for my family and friends regardless of how hectic school and life becomes:)

Smile, be happy, and value whats around you! Once you start your life will change for the better I promise!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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  1. Thank you my love. I value you as a friend and as an inspiration. Not only are you the sweetest..but your positivity is contagious. I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come with being happy and embracing what’s important in life! Lots of love always, see you soon 😉

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