Day 53: Build a Budget


On to-day 53 of 100 and still on that savings kick. I find it funny that i am blogging about saving money right now since my bank account is probably the lowest Ive seen it, and Saving and budgeting is something I constantly am at war with.. (I am a live in the moment type gal, which in terms of moola, it gets the best of me)

Build Your Budget Day 53:

I cant believe its holiday time already approaching around the corner, so hopefully these steps will help me and you all with saving and using your money on gifts wisely.

1. Set a gift giving budget. That way you wont be buying random gifts for loved ones, and for random acquaintances either.

– Make a list of who you want to buy gifts for this year, and put the cost max to spend next to each one.  Not everyone needs a gift, things can be homemade, and also cards are nice as well.

2. If you dont have the money to travel dont! create your own mini vaca at home. Beach picnics, bonfires, etc etc.

3. Uh oh, this next one is a hard one for new clothes (yikes!) – Ursula has blogged unless from a thrift store under 10$..This will be the hardest for me but im willing to try:)…Luckily a lot of my friends are the same size so hopefully they take on the policy “sharing is caring”

Spending money is fun, but let’s be honest stressing about not having money for your needs because you spent your bank account away is not so fun..

have a great day!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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