Day 52: Money madness!


Happy Monday everyone. So we start a new section in our second half of 100 days to positive thinking journey today and its all about something I have the most difficulty in excelling at: Managing Money!

DAy 52: All about save, save and more save. Learn the value of that dollar, and what is really a need versus a want.

I dont have the best paying job in the world, but at least I have one:). I am also blessed to be free of rent by living with my parents while finishing my degree, and a little help with some other bills as well from my roomies. However, I still find it hard to save up for that rainy day when I receive this much help… Hopefully I cant change this all in these next 50 days.

1. Start a savings club.

– Maybe if you spend money on breakfast or brunch with your friends on the weekend, start a club where each one opts to cook at home for everyone and take turns:)

– Maybe a clothes exchange club: If you spend too much money shopping, have all your friends meet up and each one brings a bag of stuff, and exchange it with friends!

2. Put the money that you have saved from your club each month in a savings. (1$ a day minimum for the next 50days!).

3. Give up unnecessary rituals. If you hit up Starbuck’s everyday, make it a once a week ritual, and opt for coffee at home. If you find yourself at the store picking up a snack or a meal here and there everyday, make a plan to only to eat out once a week. (Youd be surprised how many meals you can come up with in whats already available in your kitchen!)

Share your results with others! Inspire them to save, and let them inspire you:)

Happy Money Monday! Have a good one:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

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