Day 50- 51! The half way mark:)


I cant believe it wow, 50 full days of positive thinking and different activities to better myself and hopefully inspired others around me. It truly is amazing how being so aware of your thoughts and just throwing negativity out the window does; for your body inside and out.

I had a great time enjoying the holidays these past two weeks withy family, and som new friends as well:)

So for 50-51 days activities we should all reflect. Be proud of how far you’ve come if you’re folowing along!

1. Has any goal you set not a priority anymore? I set a goal to set up my etsy website for my bracelets, and this week I am going to try and get that done within these next two weeks:)

2. Keep remembering your was the om mantra to focus. I need to focus a little bit more on my studying for midterms this week..

3. recognize your biggest challenge and why.

– Mine is saving money, I really need to save up if  I am going to reach my moving out goal!

Enjoy your sunday all! Go Giants!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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