Day 49: Learn to Laugh at Yourself:)


It’s almost the half way mark! almost 50 whole days of Positive thinking.

– My Life couldn’t be in a better place right now. I have discovered new hobbies, new friends, and a new love for myself, as well as putting myself first in my life. I feel so accomplished already, and cant wait to see how these last 50 days pan out.

For today, We close out the half way mark with laughter. Laughing is so great for your body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes when you fall, make a mistake, by just laughing at it, or with it can make it better. ( People say I laugh at everything, and I think thats one of my best qualities:)..)

1. Laugh and let go. Mistakes only turn into defeat and disappointment if we let them get to us.  Let it go and Laugh at um!

– This morning i set a goal to run 5 mils. Instead of beating myself up for being a slow poke, I kept pushing and laughed at the argument going on in my own head of weather to stop or keep going. 1 hr, and 5mils later I accomplished it:).

2. Share something silly with a friend. Maybe a joke, a picture, or a funny story.

3. Watch a funny Movie, a YouTube clip, or TV show.

Have a fun friday all! Laugh and Smile! Life is too short to do anything but that.

xoxo Stephi Paige



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