Day 48: No Time is wasted as long as it brings you Joy;)


Day 48 if 100 days:

Hello all! and Happy weekend for me:) My boss went on a retreat so I got to start my weekend a lil bit early.

Started my days off buying some more beads to make bracelets, then went on a rendezvous with Megan, feeling like a little kid all day long. We went on a nature walk, played on a playground at the park, and swung on some swings followed by a trip to the candy store…. Feels good to channel your inner child sometimes:).

Today Waste some time! Its fun!

1. Sit for an hour today and just waste some time (I walked on a nature trail)

2. Gift leisure time to someone else by maybe taking them along for the ride, or cooking a meal, or watching a tv show.

Have a good time in everything you do! Channel that inner child of yours!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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