Have Fun! Day 47!


Day 47 out of 100 and were almost halfway through! I dont know about you but it seems more like a way of life being positive all the time then trying to stay positive in the beginining when we first started blogging.

– TOday is all about having fun in everything you do. I use to hate getting up in the morning, but now I play music while getting dressed and ready which makes me start dancing around my room first thing in the morning:)

-Ursula had a great example in her blog today about our 5k race last weekend. All the little kids who participated ran as fast as they could at the start but then slowed down at the end, and were still smiling when it was over. On the other spectrum us “asults” are so worried about times, and warm-ups in the begining, what to eat the night before, and after. SO how is it that w unconciously take the fun out of certain activities we strictly only had fun doing? Well today lets bring the fun back and change that! WE have one life so Id take living it having a blast at every moment then the opposite:).


1. Find fun in all that you do. Even if its something you usually dread, pull out that fun somewhere, maybe ad something to it!

2. Write a list of 100 thing you enjoy doing! ( Ursula loves lists haha:)..)

1.)DAncing 2.) Girls nights in 3.)Bubble Baths 4.)Spa Days 5.) Yoga 6.) Jogging 7.) Chit-Chats and hanging with Ursula 8.) Morning walks with mommy 9.) reading 10.) Football Sundays 11.) Boat Days 12.) learning something new 13.) Bracelet Making

14.) Trying new restaurants 15.) vacations 16.) Singing in my car 17.) A good Happy Hour 18.) a great sale 19.) sleepovers with megan 20.) Splurging on brendys ice cream ( more to come 80 more)

3.) Redifine your fun…I remember in summer sleep away camp everyone in my cabin hated morning clean-up inspection so I started to sing and dance for them with a broom stick in my underwear ( I was a silly lil child) I think my bunk definatly appreciated morning clean-ups:)!

SO have fun today and everyday!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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