Day 46: Staying Positive


Today I woke up and decided to chill out before work. That meant no morning run, and no rushing before work which feels nice sometimes:).

Sometimes Its nice and rewarding to challenge yourself, but other times its nice to just let go and relax like I did this am.

– Day 46: Be aware and watch your stream of conciousness.

1. Be aware of your thought and where they take you. ( If you’re pushing yourself too hard to wake up and exercise these thoughts can lead you to be anxious and rush all day long).

2. Write in your journal following exercise or a form of meditation or both. Some of our clearest thoughts come right after exercise or meditation when those endorphins are flooding our brain.

3. List 3 thoughts you will promise to let go of today

mine are: – I dont have enough time, – Im too tired, and Im still hungry (Im a lil snacker what can i say haha)

Everyone enjoy your day! Keep Positive

xoxo Stephi Paige


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  1. Snacks, I can help with!!! Lol, my latest is quinoa salad from j and j with hummus mixed in Vegan Delight!!! I’d call it”)
    Let’s do a meal there soon!

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