Day 45: Some tasks we have learned in Kindergarten:)


Hello Monday, and hello day 45! This Weekend was such a successful one! I completed my first 5k in record time, I got to try a new restaurant, and have Shabbat dinner with friends, which I havent done in a while! Oh yea, and the Giants won! I couldnt be feeling better this morning. Went to sleep super early, and woke up refreshed enough to jog 2miles and make myself a green power smoothie before work.

Today is all about sharing. You know the good old saying, “Sharing is Caring” , well lets put it to use today!

1. Share a compliment with someone.

2. Share an activity with a friend or family member. Maybe take them with you to a yoga class, or a brand new activity. Ursula mentioned a book club in her blog today…. (I so want to do that, love to read)

3. Share a talent you have with the world. I might make a bracelet for a friend, or maybe take a dance class:)

4. Share a memory with yourself by logging these activities in your journal.

Have a productive Monday all!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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