Day 42: Take advantage of water!


100 days to positive thinking, and we have come to-day 42. Todays Activity is about taking advantage of water, and using it as a tool to relax!.

Water is so healthy for us. Its refreshing on a hot day, its relaxing, its fun, and helps you look and feel good-by being hydrated!


1. Make sure to drink lots of water. This is definitely dont do enough of. If we were suppose to drink 6-8 cups of coffee a day than this would come very easy to me. I have already had 2 glasses of water today so I am going to do my best to drink more! Even more so it is important for me to be completely hydrated for tomorrow mornings 5k race!

2. Use water as a form or relaxation. A hot bubble bath, a jacuzzi by the pool, or maybe a pool float in the ocean or pool:)

3. Use the water for fun too! Maybe spring for a slip n slide, rent a paddle board, or just jump in the water instead of testing it out with one foot to see how warm or cold it is:)

Have an awesome friday!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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