Start being Nice, and you will notice a big change in your world!


Day 40 for 100 days!

l Woke up today with amazing energy! It was still dark out, but managed to run/ walk 3miles, and did some sit-ups in my room before hopping in the shower for work. (If that’s not a good way to start of a morning I don’t know what is!)

tonight’s Rosh Hashana, so shana tova to all who celebrate! Im excited for this to be my “Friday” of the work week, and spend the next two days with family, with good food and lots of laughs!

DAy 40 involves being nice! Sometimes we dont even realize we can be so rude to someone we dont even know! For example honking at someone if they are a little late on seeing the green light. (I know this happens to everyone! Practice patients, and dont be so quick to honk your Horn) This goes with just about everything. If you are kind to others, the world will be kind back!

So todays Activities include:

1. Share your Motivation with someone! Help someone reach your goal!

by participating in this blog with Ursula she’s helped me remain positive and cheerful, and I’ve also had the opportunity to inspire others as well:)

2. Be Nice to a Stranger, or others. Simply hold the door for someone, smile, or go out of your way to make others happy besides yourself.

My office has kinda been in a slump  lately, and I can definitely feel the negative energy. Today I think I’ll surprise um with some goodies from Dunkin donuts…Maybe theyll be a little bit happier today:).

3. Make a New healthy recipe or something else homemade. Share this!

Have a great day! xoxo

Stephi Paige

So t


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