Day 39- play it up!


Wow all this way, day 39 and I really feel a difference. My life in the past has been a whirlwind, in which I have taken away so many things from and come out of it with strength and knowledge of how to move forward.

Day 39 includes being playful, getting out and moving. I relate to this in a different way. I’ve always been active and moving but not always for myself. Its taken me some time to realize, but in the past I have always been one to sacrifice myself and play or free time to be on the same page with either a significant other, friends, etc. Well not anymore! We all write our own book in life, so why be on the same “page” as someone else? “Play-up” your own story or book in life. Get up and do what you want to do. I recently started living for myself and let me tell you I wake up each day loving every minute of it:)


1. Pick out an activity today and everyday that you enjoy doing.

2. Step outside of the box, no ones perfect all the time, learn to sit back and enjoy your mistakes instead of dread them.

3. continue to write in a journal, whether its to see what your filling your body with, calories burning, or just to look back on all the amazing things you’ve done.

Enjoy section four, and your Tuesday!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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