Day 33: You may be busy, but would you rather be bored?


Hello mid-week! hooray! we’ve made it:). I still cant believe Ive been able to keep up with all this positive blogging! Thanks for following along everyone. Once again thanks to everyone who visited my donation page, and helped me reach my goal! I am extremely thankful for all your support as well as excited to participate in the 5k run next Saturday.

Todays activities come in handy because as my life seems to be filled with more and more these days, I find myself always saying “I’m so busy” or “I have too much to do”…Honestly though, would I rather be sitting around doing absolutely nothing? I think everyone should live by the saying “Ill sleep when im dead”…We only have one life to live so, live it! Get off that butt of yours, and don’t just sit around wasting time:)


1.) List 3 areas of your life that are never dull, and list why this adds to life in a positive way:

-1. School- It fills my week with tons of tasks, and used up time but with this comes knowledge, new friends, and more time to sing in the car with my drive to Davie;).

-2. Friends- Between planned dinners, and outings, I am able to share great convos, be lifted up when I’m down, and Laugh! All my friends also either teach me something new about life, or even about myself…I love you all!

-3. Being Active- I am always exercising, and although sometimes is hard to squeeze in my day, the stress it relieves, and the natural endorphins I recieve from it make me feel good, and not to mention look good too!

2) I loveeeee this next activity Ursula came up with!!

create a Bored jar. (so excited to make mine)… Cut up little sheets of paper with activities listed on it of things you like to do, or would like to try. Put these in your jar for later, and every time you find yourself sitting around pick one of these sheets of paper out from your jar.

Enjoy what today has to offer, and get busy if you’re not!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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