Day 30/31of Positive Thinking


So I’m back! I completely forgot to post yesterdays activities.. Sorry guys…

Better Late then never right? Here it is, Day 30 yesterday, was work hard, which meant complete your tasks without procrastination (woopsies, being late on my post did not cater to that one) But the second activity to schedule play time was definitely in my cards this weekend. I had a blast hanging with family, friends, and volunteering too:).

Today, Day 31 starts the family and personal life section:)

1. Make a point to spend one night/or day or both with your family. This also means just the fam (sorry no outsiders allowed)..FAmily time is so important, its one of the things that cheer me up most when I’m down, and make me happy. I am so grateful for my family:).

2. Do at least 2hrs of something that brings you joy, every 3 days this week. Make this a part of your personal life, meaning an activity done at home. ( maybe its painting, Beading, reading, etc.)

Happy Monday everyone! Remember to smile, appreciate the gift of life this monday, and a brand new fresh start to the week:).

xoxo Stephi Paige

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