Day 27 of Positive Thinking:)


Morning all! Today I treated myself again today to sleeping in (well for me at least) and then a morning yoga class before work:).

– I hope you all are feeling the effects of this positive thinking!..I sure am, and am beginning to see how it really is creating a life that I want. This includes great friends, great memories, new projects, new insights, and of course a new attitude!

Today Day 27 is all about Believing in your abilities:

Know what you have overcome in life, and know how much you are capable of!

-We create our own destiny, and the life we want:)


1. List 25 abilities that your posses (Tangible things you excel in)

2. Set a big goal for yourself and either leave it in my comment box or in comment box.

Lets all help each other out! Cheer each other on!

STay Positive, and smile:)

xoxo Stephi Paige


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