Its Never too late to start Thinking Positive! Day 27 of 100!


Morning all! TOday I actually slept in, made myself a good morning omlet, and now feeling nice and refreshed:)

Yesterday was so great! I had positive energy with me throughout the whole day, and my life surprised me with positive happenings as well.  This included an awsome surprise gift from ursula (so sweet), my day flew by at work, purchased an awesome living social coupon of 50% off at whole foods, and the patience to sit through 3hrs of ethics last night! Im feeling so lucky these days:)

-TOdays activities of day 27 include:

Dont dwell on your mistakes!

-Sometimes in life we take 3 steps forward, other days 3 steps back. Keep your head up! Life is for living and learning, which means its okay to make some mistakes every once in a while as long as we acknowledge and grow from them.

1.) Remeber, and focus on your most recent accomplishment, and reward yourself! As usula said “not with food, your not a dog”…thought that was hysterical!

2.) Write about all the new things youve learned in your journal. Write about how good it feels to open your mind and heart up to new things!

Have a Great and productive day all!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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