Day 25 is all about being open!


Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe we are at day 25 already! the quarter mark! Being positive, and participating in the daily activities provided by Ursula (  ) Has contributed to a new way of life for me and hope it has helped everyone else following along as well:).

This weekend was definitely a great one. It had its highs and lows, but the lows I choose not to let affect me because so much good had come from this weekends activities. It’s interesting how todays activity is all about being open, because that’s exactly what I had done these past couple of days. I tried new things including acro yoga, acupuncture,and hung with new people. All brought me complete joy by just being open to new things.

So today try it out! I will:

1. Change my thoughts to a different perspective. Try and look at the world through the eyes of a friend, a co worker, family member, etc. Theres so many different perspectives we can learn from or get inspired by.

2. Live today and those following to their full potential. This means not to take anything for granted. Every step, every smile, every breath, life is so good when you appreciate and live to its full potential.

3. Continue to write. Jot down your thoughts, practice gratitude, or whatever you want but put that journal to use:). 

– I have had a gratitude journal for a while, First starting by writing 5 things im thankful for every day.) I can now go back to it, and read past entry’s which always make me smile a nd appreciate what I have, not what I don’t.

Have a great Monday everyone, Stay motivated, positive, and surround yourself with others who lift you up rather than down:0

xoxo Stephi Paige

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