Day 21 of 100 days of Positive Thinking!


Happy bagel thursday everyone!..Haha well for me at work anyway.:)

Yesterdays activity of sitting up straight really brought me such amazing energy at work. I realized every time I felt a little restless at my desk, by just recognizing my posture and tweaking it a little bit allowed me to get an extra boost!

I ended my night with a great yoga class, and an offer to experiment with a complimentary acupuncture session..See what the world can offer if you are friendly to others:).

TOday day 21 activity includes:


When your having a tough time, what can you do to make you feel better? REmember everyone has an off day here or there, but it’s how you pick yourself up when you do fall that truly matters.

– I like to enjoy a day with friends doing something productive, like a yoga class, and lunch. A little girl time for me always works:)

So today Pick out something and put it in your pocket for later. This way when you are down, you can go in that pocket, grab that skill, and USE IT!

Have a great day all!

xoxo Stephi Paige



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