18th out of 100 positive days:)


It’s on to the work section of positive thinking, but still don’t forget to utilize all the great things you’ve worked on thus far:).

whether you self-employed, un-employed, a student, or a ceo, we are all working. Everyday is as important as you make it.

So todays activities via KeepingSkinny.wordpress.com include being constructive.

1. first work on your brain, by fueling it with some brain power. (Eat some breakfast). I  made my self a peach, banana, and pineapple smoothie this morning. It was absolutely delicious!

2. Give your self a task and complete it. If you are already trying to complete a current project, finish that one!

3. Being the last day of the week, find room for improvement. Theres always room to grow, so reflect on your week, and set yourself up for greatness when we return from the holiday break.

Everyone have a great weekend!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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