Day 17 Activites (Anything is Possible)!


Good Morning all! Its Thursday, which means my Friday! yay:)

– TOday is all about dreaming with some intention. WE already have our visual dream board, and we are already starting to execute and pick out somethings on the board as well. (We’ve come so far! Congrats to all that have been participating and staying positive)

– So now its time to dig deep, go for the big ones. Any dream is possible if you see it, believe it, and believe in yourself most of all!

-17. Now its time to list the reasons you will achieve this dream.

1. Take time to yourself today. 10 min at least, and just sit there and meditate this dream, visualize it already happened, and just be.

2. Let go of that wasted energy. Whether its gossiping with friends about others, or negative thoughts. Throw um away!

3. List 25 reasons you will succeed in making these visualizations reality. Its compliment time!

Every Challenge in life is a oppurtunity for growth. Everyone has the ability to Change from a negative frequency to a positive one:)

Have an Awesome day!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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